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In the heart of the Pisan countryside, but also very close to the borders with the provinces of Siena and Livorno, lies the splendid Volterra. This town of 10 thousand inhabitants was one of the main city-states of ancient Etruria, very powerful in the Middle Ages and with a historic center of Etruscan origin. Don't miss the wonderful Guarnacci Etruscan Museum

Today, Volterra is a very renowned tourist destination, an unmissable stop for those who choose to visit Tuscany, thanks above all to the beauty of its historic centre, but also for its centuries-old tradition in the extraction and processing of alabaster, with which the the skilled hands of the city's artisans churn out truly beautiful objects. Finally, Volterra has achieved international fame in recent years as it was one of the settings of the successful Twilight saga: the author Stephenie Meyer has in fact made Volterra the city of residence of the Volturi, a powerful clan of vampires. Some of the scenes of the TV series I Medici were also filmed in Volterra, during the second and third seasons. -

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