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Our community.

Villa Fiorenzani is located in Radicondoli in one of Tuscany's wonderful nature reserves, rich in stories and traditions that we love to share with our guests. Today it is the fulcrum of a lively local community, whose cultural heritage is shared and transmitted during many occasions such as the May 1st Festival, the San Giovanni Festival at the end of June, the Estate festival in Radicondoli in July, the magical Christmas Market in November and many food and wine and cultural events such as concerts, literary meetings, shows and exhibitions that take place throughout the year.

You can taste authentic traditional local dishes in restaurants and taverns. See skilled craftsmen and artists at work in their ateliers that dot the country. Your children will be able to experience a holiday full of freedom and independence, as they once did.

The medieval village of Radicondoli overlooks the metalliferous hills of the Sienese countryside, located on a hill from which it dominates the surrounding hills. Walking around the town you can still notice traces of its Lombard origins. Founded at least a thousand years ago, Radicondoli was controlled by the bishops of Volterra, then by the Aldobrandeschi, and finally subjugated to Siena. The center follows the natural course of the hill. In the southern area there is the beautiful Porta Olla. 

Since ancient times the wool processing has been one of the main activities of Radicondoli. Probably introduced from nearby Volterra, the process began with home textile production to obtain commonly used "wool cloths".

Near Villa Fiorenzani there are cities of art, villages of inestimable artistic and historical value, nature reserves with rivers and the sea. All places easily reachable by car.

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