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Bathing in the Elsa river: Caldane and Sentiersela

Elsa river park: the blue stream in which to swim in summer

Wellbeing: the Caldane baths

Known very well by Etruscans and by  Romans, the Caldane are wonderful open-air thermal baths. These sources of warm water are located near the hamlet of Gracciano and are known for their surprising therapeutic properties: posed remedy for various ailments including skin rashes.

Even today the ancient spas, partly destroyed and recovered, are still used by the local population.

Trekking along the Sentierelsa

Trekking lovers can undertake the so-called  Sentierelsa, a route of approximately 4 km which begins at the San Marziale bridge, winds along the Elsa river and finally arrives at Ponte di Spugna.

Along the route you can see remains of ancient hydraulic constructions, waterfalls such as that of the Diborrato and the "Bear's Cave", known for its shape resembling the profile of this animal.

If you want to enjoy a sunny and carefree day, we recommend bringing a lunch basket: it's an incredible place for a spring picnic!

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